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kind words from max and emily

“Often times, when it comes to judging the performance of a photographer, all you need to see is the product to tell if he or she is worth their salt. By that standard, Echard is certainly at the top of his class. The photos he returned to us were exactly what we had hoped for. But beyond that, there’s an intangible element that can’t be conveyed by the pictures alone: how he works. At the reception, never for a moment did I see him standing in one place. My friends complimented me on hiring a ninja to take all the pictures, because you’d never see him coming, then in a flash- he was gone. This style of his produced some of the most genuine, real-life, and interesting photographs I’ve ever seen. I’ve been to weddings where these bossy, obtrusive photogs ask people to stop what they’re doing and smile at the camera. What good do these do? Anybody can smile, even if they’re having a miserable time. Echard’s photojournalistic approach truly captured the moment for us, which was one of the best parties either of us had ever been a part of. And these are magazine quality photos, which provide a level of realism that I know my wife and I will be thankful for all the years of our marriage. I’m sure there are myriad other photographers out there using the same equipment and offering the same results, but we are so happy we went with Echard Wheeler, and anyone would do well for themselves to do the same.”