How would you describe your shooting style?
I’m a stealth photographer. You wont really be aware of me during your wedding day, and then you’ll see your photos and realize I captured moments that you forgot even happened. While I will certainly document all the beautiful details and some posed portraiture during your wedding day, my goal is to be an unobtrusive observer and provide you with a beautiful, touching, fresh & authentic story of your day.
Do you use a second photographer?
This is a recent trend. Since I began in 1998 I have been the sole photographer for all Echard Wheeler Photography weddings. Hopefully, that’s why you’re interested in me, based on my extensive portfolio of photojournalistic wedding photography. I’ll be happy to provide you with a larger wedding gallery for you to see that I have no trouble shooting a wedding on my own 🙂 No disrespect to photography teams, but twice as much doesn’t necessarily equal twice as creative. That said, I can easily have an excellent second shooter accompany me if a client wishes, for a small additional fee.
What should I look for in hiring a photographer?
First and foremost look at the body of their photography. Does their style fit your vision? Does it tell a story of the day in honest, real moments, or is it just a bunch of posed photographs? I also think that experience is extremely important. Many market themselves as ‘natural light’ photographers, which sounds lovely, but the truth is: rain on your wedding day happens, low light situations are normal and you need to expect the unexpected. Be sure the photographer you hire has the experience, confidence and photography know-how to help you sail through anything.
When can we see our photographs?
In about 3 weeks your images will be uploaded online and your high resolution images will be sent out to you.
How do we reserve our date?
I will need a signed contract and retainer (which will apply to your final balance) to hold your wedding date. You may do this in person or I can fax, email or snail mail you the contract.
Is it possible for you to “pencil us in?”
If you are serious about contracting me to photograph your wedding, you can let me know and I will pencil you in for a period of 5 business days. Within that time I will need to receive your signed contract and retainer.
Do you travel to photograph weddings?
Yes (I love to travel) My basic rates apply to all weddings, but a travel fee is required for any wedding 150 miles outside my locale. Also, if airfare, hotel and a rental car are needed then you are responsible for reimbursement.
Do you have back up equipment?
Of course! Although I have been very lucky in that department, I always bring back up equipment to make sure all my bases are covered.
What is the online gallery?
I host your wedding on a password protected website, where you can share the photos with friends and family. You can make any photos you’d like private, and it also has a secure shopping cart, which allows anyone to order professional lab prints (Walmart prints yield Walmart-quality prints). All you do is share the site and provide your password. You will also have a copy of all high resolution images to make any prints you’d like.
How does the album design process work?
On your gallery website, you will make a folder of about 85 of your favorite images. Email me when you’re ready, and my designer will begin to layout the story of your day. I will send you the beautiful, magazine-style layout and you get 2 rounds of revisions before subject to additional fees. Once you approve the layout and cover, you’ll sign off on the book and it will go through the printing and binding process, which averages about 4-6 weeks in production. (You have 6 months to choose your images for your wedding album before the book may be subject to a fee due to increases in production costs.)
If we run over our contracted time, what happens?
At your reception, if you decide you’d like to have me stay longer, I have an overtime rate that will go into effect and I will simply bill you for the overage afterwards.
How do we schedule a portrait session?
Simply contact me about the location you have in mind (or I can recommend a variety of places) and we’ll take it from there. Take note I only schedule portrait sessions on weekdays due to a heavy wedding schedule on the weekends.
Do you offer discounts for off-season or non-weekend events?
Sometimes discounts are available based on the time of year, etc., please contact the studio.
Do you only photograph weddings and portraits?
I photograph everything! Weddings, portraits, boudoirs, headshots, UNphoto booths (visit ringlightman.com) marketing, commercial work AND VIDEO—I am available for any photographic adventure! Have camera, will travel
If I cancel my wedding do I get my deposit back?
No you do not. The retainer is non-refundable, as it guarantees that I hold the date exclusively for you, and that I have turned down all other commissions for that date.
If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me